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The different types of lingerie

Lingerie are exceptional clothes. Indeed, men and women cannot do without it although the choice is wider for the female gender. These are all types of underwear and clothes that can be worn overnight.

Made with various materials such as lace, silk, lycra, there are several types ranging from classics or comforts to fine and pretty. Among the classic or comfortable lingerie, there are boxers, basic briefs and thongs for men.

As for women, they have at their disposal various panties and bras, breastfeeding supports. The fine and flirtatious lingerie includes thongs and babydolls, slimming lingerie also called smart lingerie. For the bottom, we can decipher the shorty, the thong or the panties. For the top, there is the push up, bra, bandeau, brassiere and triangle, half cup and balconette.

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An underwear on what occasion?

There are several reasons to wear lingerie, to always be comfortable and beautiful on a daily basis or for special days like a date. Generally, they are worn for simple reasons of hygiene or for aesthetic reasons for example to fight against breast sagging.

This is especially the case with so-called classic lingerie. As for fine lingerie, they are chosen to boost the power of seduction, have more self-confidence, the pleasure of feeling women, of being attractive or attractive, of staying young, of being in the trend. also some people who buy them out of fetishism. Apart from the pleasure of buying them, lingerie can also be given as gifts.

Where to find lingerie online?

It is possible to have your favorite lingerie either by shopping around the stores or by staying at home and buying online. For online purchases, many merchant sites are already available to us. The choice will depend on our needs and desires.

Buying online requires a lot of care. Although this leaves us a lot of time to find the products, it is essential to properly identify the reliable sales sites. It should also be noted that most of the large merchant sites entrust their deliveries to experienced professionals in the field.

Also, with Colis Privé we can entrust our package and benefit from a fast and secure service. Among the merchant sites available on the internet, the best known are: Girls Paris, Intimissimi, Pomm’Poire, Glamuse, Rougegorge, Bazarchic, Dessus Dessous… they offer a multitude of choices on qualities, types, brands and prices.

And other brands where there are models you must have: Miss Molly, FeelinGirl, Iris & Lilly ;, Scrox, etc. It is up to the customer to verify if any service provider is not a scammer. Forums are also a tool to avoid falling into the trap of a fake merchant site.